Job Opportunities at Good Place Holdings

Get to know our brand portfolio.

SDMyersWith 55+ years of experience, SDMyers specializes in electric power reliability, offering condition monitoring, inspection, testing, and servicing of transformers and other substation components. The spirit of reliability extends to the company culture and has resulted in an average tenure of 12 years (though many have stayed decades). LEARN MORE
On Now DigitalFrom systems integration to mobile app development to data warehousing, On Now Digital helps businesses solve problems with data. Valuing plain language and honest recommendations, the software team works hard to make businesses’ digital infrastructures more efficient. LEARN MORE
PowerPro 360PowerPro 360 helps solve complex reliability issues through complete power system project management. Its dedicated staff of engineers, specialists, and reliability professionals offers a comprehensive, system-wide approach to reliability that helps prioritize and optimize repairs. LEARN MORE
The Good Place InstituteThe Good Place Institute exists to multiply Good Places by redeeming the culture of work and life in organizations. We do this by serving and equipping leaders and organizations to apply principles and values derived from the Bible to help build and lead organizations that thrive. This gives members of the organization opportunities to flourish and impacts communities to prosper, making the world a better place. LEARN MORE
Living City FarmsLiving City Farms is a regenerative urban farming initiative that uses agro-ecological and permaculture-inspired practices to care for the land and our community. Located in Northeast Ohio, the farm grows a wide variety of fresh, nutrient-rich produce while replenishing the ecosystem. LEARN MORE
Ms. Julie's KitchenA community favorite, is a female-led vegan restaurant with a reputation for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and an eclectic menu. The restaurant offers small-batch goodness, a refreshingly creative vegan variety, and a mission-driven commitment to local farms and suppliers. LEARN MORE
Redemptive PropertiesOffering property management services, vision, and community insight, Redemptive Properties works to repurpose real estate as opposed to tearing down and starting over. The company is committed to realizing the existing beauty and opportunity in its surrounding communities.