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Our Mission


What makes a good place?

We all can agree on about 80 percent of the definition, but we believe that God has clearly defined in Scripture what constitutes a Good Place. Our interpretation includes three core aims: being economically regenerative, valuing people, and building up the community. These serve as the basis for what we do and how we treat our employees and customers.

Company Culture


You belong.

Are you someone who wants to grow? Someone who’s interested in a challenge, who cares for people, puts others first, and is excited by the work you do? These are our people. Good people who you want to be around anyway, right? At Good Place Holdings, we recognize the intrinsic value in each other, and we strive to help everyone fully use their talents.

A Good Place is where people flourish, organizations thrive, and communities prosper.




We experience a life of purpose, meaning, fulfillment, peace, beauty, and joy.


We experience collective alignment toward fulfilling a shared purpose that is healthier and more efficient, effective, and sustainable. Good Place organizations foster meaningful and fulfilling work that makes us and those we work with better than we could be on our own. We identify opportunities to support our living in the world, develop our full potential, care for others, and help make the world a better place. 


We experience safety and wellbeing and create opportunities that encourage lifelong learning and development (physical, spiritual, relational, emotional, educational, vocational, and financial). In Good Place communities, rights are protected and mutual respect is observed. People serve, support, and provide for others; overcome evil with good; and value family and housing. Community areas are safe, healthy, beautiful, and sustainable.

We exist to make the world a better place.


At Good Place Holdings, we develop and encourage the growth of Good Place organizations. Good Place organizations are led and operated based on Biblical values and principles and share three main aims:

We value people.

We value people in general by honoring, respecting, and caring for each other as equally valuable individuals. We value people specifically by providing training to do the best job you can do, education as to why your role is important and in alignment with fulfilling the overall purpose of the organization, and development to reach your full personal and professional potential.

We build up Good Places in the community.

We build up Good Places in the community and the world through the businesses we are in, the work that we do, the skills we develop, and the tools and methods we utilize in building up our organizations.

We are economically regenerative.

Our organizations are financially viable and sustainable, producing a surplus to reinvest in the development of the organization and its members to enhance health, growth, innovation, and improvement, as well as to invest in building up other Good Place organizations.

live your best life


Get the support you need to thrive.

Part of valuing people means seeing the whole person—not just the employee. We provide our team with the resources they need to lead happy, healthy lives.

medical, dental and vision


Comprehensive medical, dental, & vision

paid vacation and holidays


Paid holidays, sick, & vacation days

401K plans


401k plans

leaves of absence


Leaves of absence

Long and short term disability


Paid long term disability

Paid life insurance


Paid life insurance

Flexible health care spending


Flexible health care spending account

Employee wellness


Employee wellness programs & initiatives


Good Place Holdings is one of Northeast Ohio's best places to work!

Good Place Holdings was awarded the prestigious NorthCoast 99 designation as one of Northeast Ohio's Top 99 places for Top Talent in 2022. The award is given by the human resources organization, ERC, Northeast Ohio's leading and largest professional organization dedicated to HR practices, programs, and services.


Winners of the NorthCoast 99 award are selected based on their policies, recruiting and selection process, compensation, benefits, training and development programs, and company culture, innovation, and leadership. In addition, winners are selected based on feedback from a sample of new hires and top performers.


Come work with us and find out what makes Good Place Holdings great!


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Testimonials Quotes

Being authentic is very important… what Good Place Holdings does, specifically, is allow us to be who we are.
- Jeanette, Publishing

I have customers who call me not to talk about transformers, but about life, and my kids, and running… and they’re more of a friend than a customer.
- Greg, Mobile Diagnostic Technician

I wanted to find a job that would give you decent pay, a nice vacation once a year, and treat you with respect and treat you like a valuable employee.
- TJ, Laboratory

We have a strong bond with each other. It’s like a small family. It’s really good.
- Keith, Operations


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